CLK WRK Poster
and Branding

Poster Design promoting a music night based in York, and the mock ups that lead to the final piece. Read More

Ted Talks X Poster Designs for L'oréal New York City

Promotional event design, and how I created the piece. Read More


Hollywood Mirrors Illustration

Competition banner illustration for Hollywood Mirrors.

Pipeline Upgrade Branding, Illustration and Web Design

Simplifying the process of pipeline upgrade through bespoke illustrations, a clear customer journey and a fresh brand. Read More

Times Higher Education Innovation and Impact Summit Illustrations

Illustrations to represent this years theme of technology and education. Read More


Photo Geek Isometric Illustration

Using the brand colours, I create an illustration of a Photo Studio to promote Photo Geek’s products.

Halifax Flyer Design

Design for students at York University. Read More

Illustrated Infographic Design

Process illustration for an IT company.
Read More


Halifax Event Poster

Design for York University's Halifax College. Read More