Ted Talks X Poster Design for L'oréal New York City

Promotional event design, and how I created the piece. Read More

Times Higher Education Innovation and Impact Summit Illustrations

Illustrations to represent this years theme of technology and education. Read More


Mailstack Logo Redesign

I worked to improve, modernise and add something special to Mailstack’s Logo. Read More

Pipeline Upgrade Branding, Illustration and Web Design

Simplifying the process of pipeline upgrade through bespoke illustrations, a clear customer journey and a fresh brand. Read More

CLK WRK Poster and Branding

Poster Design promoting a music night based in York, and the mock ups that lead to the final piece. Read More


Drajée Website Campaign Design

PSD Mobile & Desktop to create a new fashion forward website look and feel. Read More


Infographic Design

Isometric illustrations simplifying a complex process. Read More

Hour Spy Watch Brand Logo

A logo for an upcoming watch brand, focusing on a masculine audience. Read More


Hollywood Mirrors Illustration

Combining Hollywood Architecture with glamour for a competition.

Bonita Señorita Logo Design

The development of a fashion brands new logo. Read More


Revell Botanical Alchemy Squarespace Website

Creating the designs and organising an E-commerce website for an ethical luxury skincare brand. Read More


Infographic Design

Process illustration for an IT company. Read More

Hcsa Logo Design

Bold and simple branding for a Student Association at the University of York. Read More

Viu Nat Logo Design

Simple illustrations and modern typography for a natural, ethical brand.


James Mccabe Website Design

Shopify Website Design for Luxury Watch Brand James McCabe. Read More